install a furnace

Across America, HVAC systems are some of the most expensive components in homes. When they break down, repairs are costly, but warranties and professional expertise can help.

You might be tempted to save money on a new furnace by installing it yourself. While this sounds like a great idea on paper, it isn’t ideal for any Amelia Island, Florida, homeowner.

In some areas, DIY installation is illegal. If you can install a furnace on your own, should you? Keep reading to find out.

Can You Install a Furnace on Your Own?

In Florida, it’s illegal to install a furnace without a license. Licensed contractors are necessary for heating installation, repairs, and replacements.

Furnace installation isn’t as easy as setting up a wall heater. Electric and gas furnaces should only be installed by a qualified professional for safety. A faulty installation can cause injury, disease, and even death in extreme circumstances.

You might be able to install your own wood furnace or gas line furnace, but you need to have a permit. Even if this is allowed in your area, hiring a furnace contractor is always recommended.

Should You Install a Furnace on Your Own?

So, you’ve discovered that you can install your own furnace with a permit, but should you? If you happen to be a licensed contractor with the right knowledge and skills, you could save money and install your own furnace.

However, those without a contractor’s license should avoid a DIY furnace installation. A professional will do more than expertly install your furnace. They will recommend a system that fits your home’s needs.

If you attempt to install your furnace through DIY methods, you will face these consequences:

Hazardous Environment

A furnace has high-voltage and dangerous electrical circuits that only a professional should handle. If you aren’t trained to understand these parts, your system may short-circuit or you could electrocute yourself during the installation.

Expert home heating contractors are required to be knowledgeable on sharp parts and all furnace components. They know how to ensure system ventilation to avoid carbon monoxide (CO2) poisoning.

Warranty Problems

Most manufacturers offer a warranty on a new furnace. There are terms you have to meet to benefit from the warranty.

Warranties typically only apply if a licensed contractor installs your furnace. The furnace warranty could become void if you attempt to install it yourself.

A furnace malfunction will cost you big if it isn’t installed with a permit by a professional. A manufacturer won’t pay for costs associated with DIY installation.

Loss of Home Insurance

In addition to warranty problems, another danger of DIY furnace installation is the potential loss of homeowners insurance coverage.

Check your insurance policy for specific terms regarding heating and cooling installation and repairs. Your home insurance likely won’t cover damages or injuries that occur as a result of issues with a DIY installation.

For example, if a homeowner tries to install their furnace and causes an electrical shock injury, the insurance company can deny coverage.

To ensure your insurance coverage is valid in all circumstances, hire licensed and trained professionals to handle furnace installation and repairs.

Unexpected Repairs

If you don’t have the right licensing and knowledge to install a furnace, you are almost guaranteed that you’ll need emergency repairs. Installing without professional assistance will lead to an ineffective process.

Your furnace may seem to run fine at first. Sooner than later, it will begin to malfunction and require more repairs than a furnace installed by a professional.

Saving money might be the main reason you are considering installing a furnace yourself. The money you “saved” by forgoing professional help will end up being spent on repairs to keep your system working.

You’ll likely have to replace your furnace earlier than its lifespan because you didn’t seek professional guidance.

Inadequate Selection of Tools

A major problem with DIY furnace installation is that you likely don’t have the tools you need to succeed. Lack of equipment will make the task of furnace installation impossible.

The furnace installation instruction manual usually lists the tools required to install the system correctly. Some of the necessary tools include:

  • Tin snips
  • Sheet metal
  • Wire stripper
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Pipe dope

Don’t waste money buying these tools for a one-time use. When you hire a professional heating company in Amelia Island, Florida, you don’t have to supply any tools.

Technicians will come equipped with the right tools, and will likely have high-quality options to make the process run smoother. With the equipment, they can handle an installation job safely and quickly.

Reduced Home Value

Attempting to DIY your furnace installation could inadvertently reduce your home value. If you might sell your house in the next few years, DIY furnace installation is less than ideal.

Without sufficient training and experience, you are likely to do a sloppy job with the installation. Appraisers and inspectors will note this mistake and deter potential buyers.

Buyers expect heating systems to be expensive issues, so they won’t want to buy a home with an already obvious problem.

Poor Energy Efficiency

A furnace with poor energy efficiency can cost you a lot of money. Even if your furnace is in working order when you install it yourself, it will quickly deteriorate over the years.

It’s likely your furnace won’t be able to run at peak efficiency without professional installation. Over the system’s entire lifespan, you’ll end up paying thousands of extra dollars than you would if you opted for professional installation.

Why Hiring a Furnace Contractor Makes Sense

When you need to install a furnace in your Amelia Island, Florida, home, it’s best to hire professional contractors. Not only can DIY furnace installation be illegal, but it’s also dangerous and causes more problems than it solves.

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