emergency heating repairs

A lot of people are used to living a comfortable life, but it doesn’t take much for something to get in the way of that.

Home heating is great in the winter, but you don’t realize just how great until it breaks down. If you have a sudden heating failure, you’ll quickly notice how cold it can get. An emergency heating repair company will be able to help in such a situation.

In this guide, we’ll look at emergency heating repairs in North St. Johns, FL, so you can get a better idea of what to expect. Keep reading for more.

Signs You Need Emergency Heating Repairs

If there’s something wrong with your heating system, it can be difficult to know what’s causing it. There are certain signs that indicate you’ll need to have a professional take a look at it.

Sudden Loss of Heat

This is the most obvious indicator of a problem, and it’s something you should notice pretty quickly. If the temperature in your home suddenly drops but your heater should still be running, then there’s clearly something wrong.

Unusual Noises

Most heating systems make a bit of noise, and you’ll likely get used to these pretty quickly. One day, however, you might notice unusual noises that you haven’t heard before. This can happen when components fail or start to wear down.

Your heater may still seem to be working fine, but this kind of issue won’t fix itself and will only get worse with time. It’s best to deal with things as soon as possible while the problem is still small. If left unattended, things could get worse, and fixing the issue might end up costing you a lot more.

Higher Energy Bills

Energy bills can fluctuate, but they shouldn’t increase suddenly for no reason. If there’s something wrong with your heater, it might start drawing a lot more energy to produce the same results. This will cause a spike in your energy bills even if you’re not using your heater any more than usual.

An emergency heating repair service will be able to analyze the issue and get things back to normal. You want to do this as soon as possible. You’ll be wasting money every day until you do.

First Steps if Your Heating Stops Working

If you have a boiler, you should turn it off immediately, along with the gas supply. A broken boiler can present a safety risk, so you want to ensure the situation is safe before doing anything else.

Ventilate the area, and if you smell gas or experience any carbon monoxide symptoms (headaches, nausea, dizziness) then evacuate your home immediately. You should then contact a North St. Johns heating repair company like Whitleys Heating and Air.

We’ll be able to inspect your heating system to figure out what the problem is. We can also install a new system if needed.

With other types of heaters, there typically won’t be as much of a safety concern. You can take some steps to troubleshoot the issue first.

Monitor the Thermostat

You may have a thermostat issue, so check it to see if it’s working properly. If it’s not, you can have it repaired or replaced. The thermostat may be working fine, in which case you can look for the issue elsewhere.

Check Your Power Source

Double-check the power supply to your heater. With an electric unit, you should also check the circuit breaker to see if the issue lies there. For a gas heater, you may want to make sure ample fuel is being delivered to the unit.

Clean the Filter

As filters pick up dirt and debris, they can become clogged. This is a common problem and an easy fix.

Check your filter to see the state of it. You should inspect your filter roughly every few months anyway, so if you do this then it probably won’t cause any issues.

Check the Condensation Pan

Look at the condensation pan to see if it’s full. You’ll need to drain the reservoir if it is. You should also inspect the condensation drainage line for damage or blockages.

A lot of systems have auto shut-off features that will turn your system off when the condensation pan is full. If this happens, reset your system after emptying the reservoir pan and it should start working again.

Reset the Overload Motor

An overheating motor can shut your heating system down, and this often happens if there’s too much dirt or debris in the system. Turn it off for about 30 minutes so I can cool then start it up again. You may need to try this a few times, but if it doesn’t help, then there’s likely a larger issue.

Contacting the Professionals

If none of the above approaches help the situation, then there’s a more complicated issue with your heating system. You’ll need to contact a company that provides North St. Johns HVAC services such as Whitleys Heating and Air.

We provide emergency heating repairs for all kinds of systems. Whatever the issue is, we’ll be able to diagnose it and determine the best solution.

Preventing Emergency Heating Repairs

The best way to prevent heating system issues is with regular maintenance. Establishing a plan with a heating services provider will help keep your system in good shape at all times.

A lot of heating issues come from parts failing, but you may not be aware of these until your heater breaks down. A heating technician can spot the early signs of such issues when carrying out routine maintenance. They can then take action to prevent your heater from breaking down any time soon.

Emergency Heating Repair in Florida

If your heater isn’t working properly, you may be able to fix the issue yourself. If not, you’ll need to contact a North St. Johns emergency heating company. A professional technician can assess your system, diagnose the problem, and fix it.

Whitleys Heating and Air can repair your home heating system or install a new one if needed. You can contact us 24/7 for emergency heating repairs, so if you’re heating suddenly stops working, just give us a call. You can also reach out to schedule a heating system service with us today.